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Experiential Learning Solutions in Barrie

Experiential learning solutions in  Barrie

Get active with your team’s learning

Are you looking for an active learning solution for your team? Employee training doesn’t have to be something your team dreads, it can be an experience they actually look forward to. Our experiential learning solutions are an effective and fun way to train your team on new business skills.

We thoroughly enjoyed it! The facilitator was brilliant, introducing concepts and applying interactive exercises to demonstrate those concepts. Most training sessions I've been to I have to stand at the break but at this session had to sit down to rest!"

Who benefits from experiential learning?

According to author and researcher J.A. Cantor, there are four categories of people who benefit the most from experiential learning:

1) Mature Learners – Individuals who have been long removed from learning and need motivation. Our skill training modules are perfect for your mature learners, because they motivate with goals and competition.

2) Personal Learners – Individuals who need to personally experience the value of a subject. This comes into play in programs like Art Of Presenting, where participants are taught public speaking skills and then put them into practice by presenting to the group.

3) Alternative Learners – Individuals who have had a difficult time learning in a formal classroom setting. Our range of business simulations are great for alternative learners, because they engage employees in other ways.

4) Hands-On Learners – Individuals who benefit from hands-on examples. Employee training programs like Cross Boundary Communication appeal to hands-on learners with interactive team challenges. Everyone pays attention when the slingshots and marshmallows come out!

Studies have shown that employees who fall into any of these categories are more likely to benefit from experiential learning.

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